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A collection of useful information, inspiring media, great people, and other pieces of gold that help us learn more about looking after the coastlines we all love. Aaaaarrrrg!

Treasure Chest

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  • Plankton are eating plastic, which means we are too

    A disturbing video showing how plastic pollution in our seas makes it into our food chain. If you ever needed more motivation to help us stop to plastic pollution, this is it.
  • Plastic Paradise

    Every single piece of plastic that has ever been created since the 19th century is still somewhere on our planet. So if it never goes away, where does it go?
  • Psychology for a Better World

    Simple and clear video describing the key messages from Niki Harré's book "Psychology for a Better World". Download the e-book for free here.
  • Charting the garbage patches of the sea

    Dr Erik van Sebille from UNSW's Climate Change Research Centre describes how ocean "garbage patches" are studied, and some of the shocking findings.
  • Chris Jordan: Polluting Plastics

    Stirring presentation shedding light on the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and showing heart-wrenching images of birds killed by ingesting plastics that increasingly pollute our oceans.

  • Wasteland

    Beautiful story from a rubbish dump in Brazil...

  • The Story of Bottled Water

    Simple and well-produced, this piece explores the bottled water industry and concludes with a call to take back the tap. A good idea, considering the amount of plastic water bottles we find on beaches!

  • Shag Force: Waste Warriors

    An awesome clip developed by the Waitemata Harbour Clean-up Trust that simply and effectively explains the origins and effects of ocean pollution. A brilliant educational resource for kids.

  • Sharkwater

    Visually stunning and exceptionally well-produced, this documentary follows sharks and exposes the exploitation surrounding the world's shark populations.

  • The End of the Line

    A powerful film about one of the world's most disturbing problems - over-fishing. Not just a film, it is also a campaign - for sustainable consumption of fish, for marine protected areas to allow the sea to recover, and for a new ethic of responsible fishing. Watch full movie online.

  • Trashed

    Movie looking at the risks to the food chain and environment through pollution of air, land and sea by waste. Reveals shocking truths about very immediate and potent dangers to our health.

  • Addicted to Plastic

    Investigates what we really know–and don’t know–about plastic. Talks with manufacturers, recyclers, cleaners and scientists, and provokes serious questions about health, food and the environment. Watch full movie online.