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Facebook challenges creatives for a cause


Facebook has launched a contest that asks creatives to develop innovative content for a good cause: helping Sustainable Coastlines spread the word about the work they do and get the message out about their training workshops this winter from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Entrants are challenged to come up with a three month campaign that makes the most of the social network’s native functionality, using image posts, page post link ads and video posts. The best solution will tell stories alongside the creative idea, with a view to targeting audiences at scale and making each post thematically linked but with its own identity.



How to enter and what you’ll win

The winning entry gets a $1,000 Facebook ad credit which can be used for a charity, a friend’s business or a startup. Creatives have until 5pm, Wednesday 12 March 2014 to send their ideas by PDF, Word document or email to au-events@fb.com.



Facebook project brief

Develop a three-month campaign using Facebook’s native functionality (image posts, page post link ads, video posts etc). That means no Apps or product innovations, just create great content for Newsfeed.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Find that big idea that creates a platform for dozens of executions.
  • Only create enough posts to demonstrate your idea.
  • Lead with emotion.
  • For image posts, imagine you’re creating an award-winning print ad. Let the image tell the story and complete the picture with a sharp line of copy.
  • Short-form videos work well.
  • Tell a story with your creative idea.
  • Each post should be thematically linked but should also live on its own.
  • Keep in mind Facebook’s ability to target audiences at scale.

Some inspiration:


Situation: What is the challenge or opportunity?

Since early 2009 Sustainable Coastlines has coordinated coastal cleanup and waterway tree-planting events around the Pacific with a total of over 30,000 attendees. We’ve delivered educational presentations to nearly 100,000 people and have removed nearly a million litres of rubbish from the coast.

To increase our impact around New Zealand, we are looking for people to train to do what we do. From July to September 2014, we are running a series of workshops in every region of the country to pass on educational and event management skills to make it easier for others to look after the places they love.



Raise awareness of pollution of New Zealand waterways (rivers and seas) and drive registration for training workshops in all 16 regions of New Zealand. The goal: 480 workshop attendees (30 per region).


Target: who are we talking to?

Those likely to attend our training workshops fall into the following two groups:

  • Younger (18-35), passionate, well educated and socially/environmentally conscientious people that are eager to gain experience and make a difference in this area.
  • Older (35-65), well-connected community members and corporate decision makers. Often they have experience in or a desire to contribute to the education or environment sectors.


Single-minded core message

Look after the place you love. Join Sustainable Coastlines’ free training workshops to make a real difference in your community.


Supporting information: why should they believe this?

  • New Zealanders have an altruistic desire to do something good
  • Interest in Sustainable Coastlines’ cause
  • Personal/professional development
  • Sense of social responsibility
  • Connection with outdoor adventure and a desire to protect it


What are some misconceptions of your brand?

Some believe Sustainable Coastlines is just for hippies. The truth is we are young, tech-savvy and creative, and aim to break out of the mold of the environmental movement and inspire as many sectors of society as possible to give back to the places they love.


Existing assets include:

  • Huge selection of high-res images from our projects is available to view and download here.
  • Extensive library of video footage from previous projects
  • Access to other relevant international imagery showing the effects of litter on coastlines through a Marine Photobank account here. Username: sustaincoasts, pw: cleanbeachgood


Brand personality and values

Sustainable Coastlines stands for looking after the coastlines we all love. We coordinate and support large-scale coastal cleanup events, education programs, public awareness campaigns and waterway planting projects, as well as helping other groups run their own events. We avoid using the words ‘Green’, ‘Environment’, ‘Sustainability’ and other industry jargon in our communications, instead opting for informal, conversational language. We also avoid climate change/fisheries/oil drilling and other issues, focusing only on marine litter and water quality. Organisational objectives:

  • Reduced littering
  • Better product choices (reduced single-use plastics)
  • Greater pride of place, local connection
  • More action to remove rubbish from coastlines