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Grow your chops for charity: Choptober registrations now open


We’re stoked to announce that registrations to ‘Grow your chops for charity’ are now open through the Choptober website. This year Sustainable Coastlines is one of the five charities that will benefit from this awesome fundraising initiative, where 100% of the donations received during October go directly to the charities involved.

So what is Choptober, and how can you support Sustainable Coastlines?

Choptober is a Kiwi owned and operated fundraising initiative where participants grow their “Chops” (Sideburns) during the month of October and raise money for charity in the process.

When you sign-up as a ‘Chop Grower’ through the Choptober website, you’ll be asked to choose a celebrity “Choptober Ambassador”. Choose one of the (awesome) celebrity Chop Growers that have chosen to get behind our cause: Boh Runga, Don Jamieson, or Knights of the Dub Table. That way, every dollar you raise during Choptober is added to that particular celebrities tally, and thus is donated to us!

Come October 1st, all participant ‘Chop Growers’ start growing their chops and recruiting friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers to sponsor them.

Donations from sponsors are collected via the Choptober website and passed in-full and direct to the “Chop Growers” nominated charity. Chop Growers may choose a celebrity because they like them or because they support the celebrity’s charity.

Growing sideburns isn’t just for the blokes…we want all the women of New Zealand to take part too. Ladies can sculpt their hair to simulate sideburns, or use our patented fake sideburns (“Chopsticks”) to create the desired look — available for sale through the Choptober website.

A massive thanks to our celebrity Chop Growers Boh Runga, Don Jamieson, and Knights of the Dub Table, for getting behind our cause. Cheers!

For more information on how you can get involved, head to www.choptober.co.nz. To register now to Grop your chops for charity, go to www.choptober.co.nz/Register