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High level help

To meet the near-universal demand for litter abatement, waste minimisation and water quality improvement in communities, we are training people to use the tools we have proven to achieve positive behavioural change. We invest significant time travelling to deliver these programs and the need has arisen to create a centralised “hub” in New Zealand that is accompanied by a digital knowledge platform to make spreading the programs more efficient.

We have been offered a site on Auckland’s Waterfront at the Wynyard Quarter to construct a large education centre. The centre will be constructed from waste material in collaboration with several construction firms and the Department of Corrections, whereby offenders will gain qualifications for employment while they simultaneously assist with the project by creating pre-fabricated sections of the building at the workshops in Paremoremo Prison.

Alongside a facility that can provide for education and events, will be a workspace for individuals and organisations who are actively involved in environmental sustainability initiatives. Success stories of sustainable practices will be promoted and enhanced through this facility that will actively foster collaborative, solution-focussed projects.

We are also constructing a nursery to produce native trees and plants for riparian restoration at the Waikeria Prison in the Waikato region. Again prisoners will receive qualifications which will reduce re-offending, and we will be able to help up-scale many projects that improve water quality in New Zealand.

Simultaneously with these new projects, we are continuing to develop and refine our educational offering to schools, businesses and community groups, proving behavioural change through surveys.

To guarantee the ongoing feasibility of the centre and the educational programs, we require research on specific fields that have been identified by our team. This research will assist with the development of a strategic plan and open up opportunities for the display/promotion of sustainability solutions as well as develop project plans for future innovation.

All results will be open sourced to have the maximum effect on the causes we address: looking after our waterways and coastlines. Please see the form below if this sounds like you.