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Sustainable Coastlines and the Fly My Pretties Tour

Fly My Pretties

The Sustainable Coastlines crew was lucky enough to be invited along to the Auckland and Wellington venues for the 2011 Fly My Pretties Tour: an epic stage from which to raise awareness of the work we are doing for our coastlines.
The Auckland shows were spread across three nights at the extraordinarily beautiful Mercury Theatre, an intimate setting for the visual and musical harmony that unfolded.

A big thanks to Taupo Native Plant Nursery up north and Leacroft Nurseries in Wellington, who lent us 30 beautiful native seedlings to decorate our display. This assortment sparked some excellent conversations, ultimately raising critical funds for trees to be planted by school students alongside Waikato’s Waihou River.

This is a long-term restoration project involving schools, corporate groups and volunteers. Planting native seedlings along the waterway improves water quality downstream, providing another fantastic activity where communities can get their hands dirty and feel good about cleaning up the water that enters our seas. The seedlings reduce effluent and fertilizer runoff into the river, stabilise its banks (reducing erosion) and provide key habitats for native species.

The crowd erupted as the Pretties cast took the stage, featuring several new members including Fran Kora, Aaron Tokona and Amiria Grenell, great additions that gave a new flavour to the already terrific group. Regulars like Barnaby Weir, Age Pryor and L.A. Mitchell showcased their usual remarkable ability, setting the bar for a top-notch performance.

The first part of the show was the “new” section including some outstanding new tracks, which impressed the crowd and created an electric atmosphere in the theatre. Eloquent visual projections of images created by the ingenious artist Flox (Hayley King) made the show an aural and visual feast combined.

Part Two of the show was full of the faithful Fly My Pretties favourites and really got the crowd on their feet. The show was fantastic in its entirety and certainly one of the greatest Pretties performances we have had the pleasure to see. An epic display of New Zealand musical brilliance that makes us proud to be kiwis.

A big thanks to Loop and Fly My Pretties for the support. We love your music and are looking forward to seeing you again at the Tuborg Summer Sunday Festival and Coastal Clean-up at the end of January.