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Welcome on board


We are thrilled to announce that Eye Specialists Day Surgery Eye Centre, a private service in Whangarei, have come on board as a Gold Sponsor. Not only will this new sponsorship provide us with critical funds to keep working to protect our coastlines, but it illustrates one of the many ways that individuals and companies alike can support a cause they feel passionate about.

As the incoming support from Eye Specialists demonstrates, sponsorship isn’t just limited to big corporates. Owner Dr Brian Kent-Smith is, like most of us, an individual with passions and interests that span beyond his profession. As a recreational fisherman and keen scuba diver, he has long been troubled by the sadly widespread behaviour of discarding non-biodegradable fishing-related rubbish into the sea, practiced by all too many fishermen. Dr Kent-Smith says “I have watched in amazement as skippers, fishermen and friends have thrown all manner of rubbish into the ocean. I don’t believe they think for one moment where it all ends up.”

Dr Kent-Smith has been supporting numerous charities through the proceeds of his practice for years, and the growing concern for this type of thoughtless behaviour – contaminating the very environment fishermen seek to reap the benefits from – led him to get in touch with us. The disregard for our oceans and beaches has always saddened me but I have never done anything about it,” says Dr Kent-Smith. “I have been very impressed by what I’ve read of the work done by the team at Sustainable Coastlines. Here is a group of enthusiastic young people who are prepared to get their hands dirty, cleaning up the mess and educating people at the same time. I thought the choice of Sam Judd as Young New Zealander of the Year was an excellent one. I wanted to do my small part to help in their great work.”

Concern over this issue resonates deeply with us here at Sustainable Coastlines. Nearly 30% of the volume of what we have collected from coastlines around New Zealand and the Pacific is fishing related rubbish; both commercial and recreational. As lovers of the sea and its many treasures, we are hugely thankful for Dr Kent-Smith’s decision to get behind us in our efforts to tackle this issue.

We know from the massive outpouring of support we have received over the years – financial, logistical and hands-on volunteering – that thousands of kiwis feel passionate about our beautiful coastlines and the numerous values associated with them. We recognise and understand that not everyone can get behind us and help in the same way. Some people are passionate about the coast but are ‘time-poor’ and are simply too busy to come along to a coastal clean-up event.

This most recent partnership with Eye Specialists shows that there are many ways you can still help out. Sponsorship is the way this particular dedicated doctor, fisherman and father has decided to back us. There are many ways to get behind the cause of protecting our coastlines. From one-off or regular donations, buying merchandise to show your support, taking part in initiatives like One Percent Collective, or company-specific initiatives such as those of our fantastic sponsors – there are a myriad of ways to contribute to our efforts to solve this problem.

We’re always keen to hear from anyone who shares our passion for our coastlines and keeping them the way they should be: litter-free. Let’s talk.