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The gift of a cleaner coastline

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Sustainable Christmas gifting

After the successful launch of Gift a Cleaner Coastline last year, we’re making it easy for businesses to gift staff, customers and partners something meaningful this Christmas. For as little as $10 per gift, we’ll remove litter from our coastlines on behalf of your recipient, and send them a beautiful, personalised e-card letting them know of their impact.

Email Vero on [email protected] to express your interest.

Why gift a cleaner coastline?

Because our coastlines, and the wildlife that live on and around them, are suffering from plastic pollution, and most people don’t want or need more ‘stuff’! Instead, help them make a meaningful difference to something all Kiwis care about — our beautiful beaches.


Visit our personal gifting page

If your gifting budget is less than $200, or you’d like to gift a cleaner coastline to your own family and friends, please take a look at our gifting options for individual gifts. And if you love this idea, share it with your networks!

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash . Kaikoura surf.