New Light at Art In The Dark | Sustainable Coastlines

Event Details

Sustainable Coastlines in collaboration with Art In The Dark presents New Light, a new creative project for 2013.

Art in the Dark is New Zealand’s premier light art festival that transforms Auckland’s Western Park into an illuminated buzzing hub of activity with over 40,000 visitors. The park is lit up with over 30 art works ranging from installations, projections and performances to large-scale immersive experiences that are powered with clean energy and are made from recycled, renewable and sustainable materials.

In conjunction with the event each year, there is also an environmental education programme run in local primary schools. Kids get to learn about how they can help the environment while creating an artwork that is displayed at the event for the whole community to enjoy.

This year for the environmental education program in schools, we are collaborating with Art In The Dark and renowned local artist Alexander Bartleet to raise awareness of the problem of litter in the marine environment. At Sustainable Coastlines, we are devoted to educating people about the challenges of rubbish in our local environment. Art In The Dark is a great opportunity to run educational programs and creative projects around the issues of marine debris.

A limited number of lucky schools will get the chance to be involved in this amazing educational experience, visit Rangitoto Island, and be part of creating an epic installation that will be unveiled and displayed in Western Park at the Art in the Dark event this November.

Project Details

During the first two weeks of term four, Sustainable Coastlines and the Art in the Dark team will visit the participating schools and host fun, inspiring and interactive lessons educating students about the threat of plastic in our oceans.

There is an opportunity for the children to see the reality of the problem first hand and help to do something about it by visiting Rangitoto Island, courtesy of Fullers, and participate in a beach clean-up.

Next it will be the kids’ turn to educate and inspire the wider community to rethink the consumption and disposal of everyday plastic items by creating an art installation made from the rubbish they collect at Rangitoto and using other forms of waste shown in a new light.

The concept of the installation is to create a large creature-like structure that will be put together like a jigsaw from the different pieces created individually by each school.

Each of the participating schools will create their own unique part of the puzzle – a 3-dimensional shape collaged with plastic – which will be joined together to form a mystery structure/creature that will be unveiled at Art in the Dark from 7 to 9 November, 2013.

Sony prizes will be awarded in different categories for the schools that create the most impressive pieces.

If your school would like to take part in this incredible project, or if you would like more information please contact [email protected] as soon as possible to see if we can get you or your school involved.