Air New Zealand Mangere Bridge Clean-up | Sustainable Coastlines

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On Saturday 16 November, a core crew of Air New Zealand Greenteam and their families joined us for a clean-up of the beautiful shorelines of Auckland’s Mangere Bridge. Auckland turned on the weather for the day and the volunteers managed to gather an impressive 2,100 litres — or over 41 full sacks — of rubbish from the coast, a superb effort on an sunny summer day.

At midday the troops were refueled with a stop-off at the Mangere Boating Club for a delicious BBQ, before continuing on around Kiwi Esplanade for an afternoon clean-up.

This cooperative effort helps raise awareness of urban littering that makes its way into our oceans, more often than not through our storm water drains. This kind of hands-on action reaffirms the initial briefing the staff were given before the clean-up and opened a lot eyes to the issue of rubbish in marine environments.

In the course of applied action like this over our past few years of operations we have found this to be an admirable, practical, fun way for organisations and their employees to learn about how litter from our streets affects our coastlines. If your organisation would like to take part in an event like this, contact us today.