Air New Zealand Rangitoto Island Clean-up | Sustainable Coastlines

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Event Details

Ominous weather in the morning predestined the Air New Zealand team for a committed day out on Rangitoto Island. Almost everybody scheduled to attend showed up: a testament to the Air New Zealand Greenteam.

As forecasts predicted, the weather steadily improved and we disembarked on the island in sunshine. Morale heightened, the team split into smaller groups and spread out around the coastline to accomplish what they set out to achieve.

The 60 strong team got stuck in picking up rubbish from the beautiful coastline. Simultaneously, other crew set up the BBQ and began cooking and preparing a delicious lunch for the team.

On arrival back for lunch, the team were greeted with freshly brewed Eighthirty coffee, delicious fresh salads, and mouthwatering organic lamb and pork thanks to Harmony Meats.

The team continued into the afternoon and managed to remove over 2 cubic metres of rubbish from the stunning Rangitoto coastline. Assistance from the fantastic crew from Watercare Harbour Clean-up Trust ensured easy removal of the small mountain of rubbish from the island.

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