ASB Bank Cleans Up the Onehunga Foreshore | Sustainable Coastlines

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Sep 2019

On Friday September 6, 2019, we teamed up with ASB Bank as part of a large day of volunteering. It’s great to see so many businesses offering their staff volunteer days and we love it when they engage us here at Sustainable Coastlines to tackle the important issue of marine debris. The weather threatened to rain on our fun, but that didn’t dampen spirits for the 132 ASB staff that joined us at the Onehunga Foreshore – our go to spot for big groups who want to make a big impact.

After some introductions from Sustainable Coastlines and a Love Your Coast presentation by Programmes Manager, Dan Downing, we go into the action, spreading from Taumanu Reserve close to Hillsborough, all the way down to the Mangere Bridge, a stretch of about 1.5km of coastline.

The ASB crew were super engaged with the program and we’re stoked to see that we picked up so much litter in such a short amount of time. This is a regular occurrence – you just don’t see the litter there until you stop and start looking. This is one of the most valuable things about an experience with Sustainable Coastlines: it’s an eye-opener. It’s only once you recognise and acknowledge that there is a problem that you have the power to do something about.

Special thanks to Tania, Stephanie and Samantha from ASB for their help and organisation and to ASB management for promoting this day of volunteering amongst staff. We can’t wait until next time!