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Mar 2014

On Saturday 29 March 2014 we worked with the kind folk from Bayfair Shopping Centre, Mt Maunganui, to install a pop-up workshop space for mall visitors. From 9am to 3pm visitors were able to take part in workshops for all ages and learn more about looking after their own backyard.

Games on offer included our Ocean Puzzle — a great game for teaching the little ones about sea creatures — and Chocolate Fishing — an awesome activity for kids of any age to learn about sustainable fishing, where kids measure and return undersized fish and are rewarded with chocolate fish! Timing for this activity was perfect, with recreational fishing limit changes for snapper in this region taking effect as of 1 April 2014.

We also offered our popular Trash to Treasure workshop, where kids were challenged to create their own colourful artworks from plastics picked-up from the beach during our clean-up events, with some fantastically creative results.

Throughout the day around 250 friendly shoppers stopped by and said ‘Hi’: a great turnout. These kinds of hands-on activities are an excellent, practical, fun way for anyone to learn about litter in the marine environment and get involved in positive solutions. A massive thank you to the team at Bayfair for helping us pull this off.

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