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Feb 2019

What a great evening!

Volunteers from Accenture met at the beautiful Breaker Bay to give some love to Wellington’s south coast.

After our Love Your Coast presentation at the office, by programmes manager Oliver Vetter, the crew were raring to go.  Ben guided a smaller group to our Litter Project surveys site, and explained the scientific method we are using to collect data as part of our ‘Grassroots solution to NZ beach litter’.  This litter will be individually weighed, audited and the data used to make real lasting solutions to our litter issues here in Aotearoa.

After a few hours of litter collection the team came together to chat about the plastics we found as well as sources, sinks and solutions for the issue!

In all the team of 12 participants picked up more than 50 litres of rubbish – a great effort and on a school night too!

huge thanks to Accenture, Wellington City Council, and all the volunteers that gave up a few hours to give some love to one of my favourite beaches.