Christchurch Envirokids x Public Litter Intelligence Survey & Audit – Sumner Beach | Sustainable Coastlines

Event impacts

On behalf of Sustainable Coastlines and Christchurch Envirokids, our sincerest thanks for your awesome clean-up effort at Sumner Beach.

Enthusiasm and energy was high as the tamariki recreated the journey of Yoshi the turtle through an obstacle course. We then got down onto the beach to gather data on the litter that had accumulated.

In total, 450 litetr items were collected, categorised, counted and weighed – an amazing effort by the young citizen scientists! Please find the survey & audit data here: Litter Intelligence – Christchurch Envirokids Clean-up – 15th April

Survey results of note:

– Litter density (Items per 1,000m2) was the highest it has ever been since Litter Intelligence began at Sumner in 2020.

– Unidentifiable hard plastic fragments was the most prominent category with a count of 291. Thank you for your diligence in picking up all of those small pieces!

Thank you for supporting both Sustainable Coastlines and Christchurch Envirokids, and we looking forward to seeing you at another clean-up or at the Kiosk in the Botanic Gardens soon.


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