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Jan 2019
Oct 2019

Workshop details

Date: We’ll arrange a workshop specifically for your group. Just let us know the date and time that suits best within the dates that we’re in your region.
Timing: 3-4 hours.
Location(s): We will run a ‘classroom’ workshop session at a nearby indoor space of your choosing, eg surf club, community centre, marae etc, followed by practical training in our Litter Survey at the local beach / coast that you would like to collect data from on an ongoing basis. This will be your “Monitoring Site”. Sustainable Coastlines will assist you with your Monitoring Site selection. Please let us know your beach and indoor location preference(s) so we can make arrangements.
Attendance: 3-10 ‘Citizen Scientists’. A minimum of 3 people from your organisation / community group will be required to attend so that leadership and knowledge can be spread.

Previous Workshops

  • Northland: Mon 28 Jan to Fri 1 Feb
  • Auckland: Tue 12 Feb to Thu 21 Feb
  • Coromandel: Mon 4 Feb to Fri 8 Feb
  • Waikato West Coast: Tue 19 Mar to Thu 28 Mar

Backed by the Ministry for the Environment, and working alongside Department of Conservation and Statistics New Zealand, our multi-award winning charity Sustainable Coastlines is delivering a project to create grassroots solutions to litter in Aotearoa.

As part of this project, we are offering training workshops for groups who would like to take part in ongoing litter data collection on their local coastline. Workshops are free for community groups, schools and iwi/hāpu groups, and we have a sponsorship package available for corporates who would like to get involved (please email [email protected]). The workshop will pass on the skills in surveying, data collection, and Health & Safety that will allow you to play an important part in this long-term effort.

This “Citizen Science” project will allow you to contribute data to New Zealand’s first national beach litter database, meaning that the information collected reaches those that need it for decision-making.

In terms of the level of commitment required from your group, the project is ongoing and ideally each of the monitoring sites will be surveyed a minimum of 4 times per year, for at least the next 3 years. We are setting up 108 sites like these around Aotearoa and this long-term data will play a critical role in proving the litter problem and helping to prioritise solutions.

Check out our dates and locations below. We’d love to organise a Citizen Science workshop specifically for your group during these dates. Simply contact our friendly team to start sorting your workshop today.

Book your Citizen Science workshop

Please include the following in your email:

  1. Name of your group.
  2. Preferred date (within the range above).
  3. Beach/coast you would like to monitor.
  4. Commitment for a minimum of 3 people from your group to attend the workshop.

Can’t see your town or region above?!

Never fear. In the next few months we will confirm the dates for our next roadshow from October 2019. Eventually we will set-up at least 108 long-term Monitoring Sites all around Aotearoa, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved.

If you know of groups that may be interested in getting involved in this project, then please do pass on this web page to them, or send contacts to [email protected] so that we can be in touch.