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Jul 2018

On July 19, 2018, we were joined at Trimdon Reserve in Manurewa by longtime supporters and sponsors, Contiki for their annual tree planting event. In 2017 we planted 500 trees at Orangihina Park in Te Atatu Peninsula. This year, Contiki wanted to up their impact, so we tackled the task of 1000 trees with a small but very effective team.

Auckland Council and the fantastic Kara Goddard were wonderful enough to prepare the site for us, along the banks of the Papakura Stream. The stream has been channelised over the past decades and lacks vegetation that’s beneficial for shading the stream ecosystem and increasing biodiversity. Tree planting also great positive impacts in stabilising banks and reducing sediment and nutrient load. In the mix for the day were manuka, te kouka (cabbage tree), verious harakeke (flaxes), and a selection of other natives trees and shrubs.

We thought it was possible that we had bitten off more than we could chew with 1000 plants, but the soft ground and strong labour made it easy going in the end. After a delicious Mexicali Fresh lunch and a cupcake for Tony’s birthday, we completed the planting just before 3.00pm.

A massive success all round and of course thanks to Contiki for their ongoing support of our work. Maybe we can double it again next year?