Lantern Insurance Rangitoto Island Clean-up – October 2011 | Sustainable Coastlines

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On Friday 7 October a small team of seven employees from Auckland-based insurers Lantern Insurance joined our crew for a clean-up of the iconic Rangitoto Island. With plenty of experience scouring Auckland’s beaches for trash — this is the sixth time Lantern staff have joined us for coastal clean-up activities — the team made light work of the challenging terrain around Flax Point and removed over 1,000 litres of rubbish, an amazing effort.

Through hands-on action like this over our past few years of operation we’ve found this to be an excellent, practical, fun way for organisations and their employees to learn about how litter from Auckland’s streets flows out through our storm water system and affects coastlines on uninhabited islands like Rangitoto.

In December 2010 a large section of the island was cleaned-up by over 1,200 volunteers and due to the resounding success of this event, we are repeating the clean-up this summer. On Tuesday 6th December we are taking over 1,000 students and volunteers back to Rangitoto Island for a large-scale coastal clean-up and we are looking for adult volunteers to help us out, particularly those with current First Aid qualifications. Check out the event page for further details.

If your organisation would like to take part in an event like this, contact us today.