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On Thursday 22 November, long-term supporters of ours Lantern Insurance joined our team for a 4WD-based clean-up of the black sands of Auckland’s Muriwai Beach. Over the past two years we have hit beaches around Auckland many times with staff from the Takapuna-based insurers, but for some staff this was their first clean-up outing.

In perfect weather and wild surf we made our way along Muriwai Beach in four wheel drive vehicles, stopping-off at each break in the steep sand dunes where rubbish accumulates. In only a short time on the beach volunteers picked-up an impressive amount — well over a full sack per person — to remove a total of 750 litres of rubbish from Muriwai’s coastline.

Through hands-on actions like this over our past few years of operation we have found this to be an excellent, practical, fun way for organisations and their employees to learn about how litter can affect our marine environments, even in lowly populated places like Muriwai Beach.

If your organisation would like to take part in an event like this, contact us today.