Lantern Rangitoto Island Coastal Clean-up – November | Sustainable Coastlines

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This Friday 19 November, another ten crew from Lantern Insurance hit the shores of Rangitoto Island in the third of a series of clean-ups on the challenging shores of this uninhabited island. Volunteers worked hard along rocky coastlines to remove around 950 litres of rubbish from the coast north of McKenzie Bay.

This event played an important part in the planning and build-up to the upcoming Love your Coast clean-up on Rangitoto Island on Monday 6 December. Along with picking-up trash we collected data on trash concentrations, beach entry points, landing sites and terrain types: valuable planning information.

A huge thanks to the volunteers from Lantern Insurance for rolling-up your sleeves and giving a little back to our coastlines, and cheers to Ben Harris from the Waitemata Harbour Clean-up Trust for logistical support in getting us around the island on boat The Phil Warren.

If you’d like to take part in an event like this, just email us at [email protected]