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On Friday 14 December, 40 staff from Lion offices around the country joined our team for an afternoon cleaning-up East Auckland’s beautiful Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve.

In only a couple of hours the crew mucked-in to remove a huge haul of 1,450 litres of rubbish from the sandy and muddy shores north and south of Roberta Reserve. A solid effort from a dedicated team of volunteers, who enjoyed a deserved BBQ and Xmas celebration in the park afterwards.

Many thanks also to our long-time partners in crime the Watercare Harbour Clean-up Trust for their logistical support.
Through hands-on actions like this over our past few years of operation we have found this to be an excellent, practical, fun way for organisations and their employees to learn about how litter from city streets flows out through drains and affects our marine environments.

If your organisation would like to take part in an event like this, contact us today.