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We are pleased to announce our fourth annual Love Your Water tour for 2017 (check out results from 2014 here and 2015 here) with training workshops, educational presentations and tree planting activities in Auckland, Wellington, Tasman, Stewart Island, Christchurch, Wanaka, Raglan, Waikato and Whangarei being planned for this winter.

We work hard to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love, and this tour allows us to connect and work with waterway restoration projects around Aotearoa. We provide free training for anyone from businesses, community groups, councils and high schools to use the education and events techniques that we have found effective. The dates for our tree planting activities are:

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We would love to work alongside you and make it to more regions of New Zealand in 2017, but we need your help to make it happen. We are actively seeking support to enable us to run the same programme in all regions of the country again this winter.

If you, your organisation, or someone you know can provide support with funding, venues for workshops and planting, volunteers, suitable eco-sourced trees for riparian planting, ecological advice or in other areas, please email Oliver Vetter on [email protected] or call 021 0259 8301.


Love Your Water activities

Please read below for more details on what our ‘Love Your Water’ activities in each region will look like. While the events in each region will differ slightly the information below aims to provide an idea of what to expect. For events around all regions see our events page here.

Training workshops

We offer free Event Management and Presentation Delivery workshops, open to all members of the public, including youth leaders and senior high school students.

Event Management workshops provide an insight into our experience motivating nearly 40,000 volunteers during clean-ups, tree-planting events and fundraisers, and pass on tips and techniques for attendees to deliver their own events.

Presentation Delivery workshops draw on our experience delivering educational presentations to over 115,000 attendees and provide introductory training on the delivery of our Love Your Water freshwater restoration presentation, as well as tips and techniques that can be applied by the audience to their own presentation.

Ongoing engagement of trained ambassadors with the delivery of both events and presentations is a core objective of our time in each region.

Educational presentations

Our experienced presenters will deliver our Love Your Water presentation in schools in each region, to introduce issues affecting freshwater quality and simple solutions to address these. Developed through consultation and compilation of content during last year’s nationwide tour, the Love Your Water presentation aims to educate and inspire attendees to get involved in hands-on local solutions that make a difference to freshwater quality.

Delivery of educational presentations will be scheduled in schools to follow our Presentation Delivery workshop, in order to allow anyone who has received introductory training to either attend and observe or actively participate and present so that they gain real-life presentation experience.

Tree planting events

Working alongside local tree-planting experts we will identify and plan for a suitable area and coordinate a riparian planting activity on this site. This hands-on activity is a perfect opportunity for school students and community members alike to learn about freshwater restoration while actively improving a local waterway. These events offer the opportunity to learn about practical techniques such as tree planting, weed removal and community engagement, as well as discuss the issue in an informal and fun setting.

If you know of an appropriate site, but significant preparation work is required, we can also facilitate assistance from Department of Corrections’ workers to get the job done.

Delivery of planting activities will be scheduled to follow our Event Management workshop, in order to allow anyone who has received introductory training to attend, observe and participate so that they gain real-life events experience.


We’re looking for caring corporates to get behind the project. We need to raise funds to cover essential logistical, health & safety and administrative costs to ensure this project’s success in each region. Sponsorship is therefore vital. Check out the opportunities below to see how we can work together.

We offer sponsors:

  • A team building tree planting activity with your staff during one of our existing event days. We will provide equipment and trees, however you will need to arrange your own transport to and from the site.
  • License to Sustainable Coastlines logos for use on web, marketing and other promotional materials during the course of the event.
  • Love Your Water project report with metrics achieved through planting and educational work (great for CSR / sustainability reporting and marketing).
  • Access and permission to use all event images, footage and results.
  • Exposure through logo positioning on:
    • The official regional event page(s) on Sustainable Coastlines website.
    • Regional promotional collateral such as social media posts, event posters.
  • Opportunity to provide marketing material, run competitions and/or provide giveaways during the event. (Materials used in giveaways must be mutually agreed – with responsible packaging etc).


Sponsorship is available at two levels:

$1,000: Regional Sponsor
Includes all of the above.

$5,000: Regional Partner
Includes all of the above and in addition:

  • Delivery of our multimedia Love Your Water educational presentation at your office (this has been proven to help motivate staff to get involved).
  • Logo on 4×1 metre event banner for photo opportunities (used across all regions).
  • Logo on Love Your Water project report mentioned above.
  • Mention of your support to Sustainable Coastlines’ social media networks (combined audience of 12,500).
  • Mention of your support to our mailing list (5,100 subscribers).
  • Mention of your brand during media interviews wherever possible (we have a strong profile in the media – see examples here).


What next?

Please call Camden Howitt on 021 212 7287 or email [email protected] if you are interested in this opportunity or would like any further information.