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We work hard to motivate and support people around Aotearoa and the Pacific to look after their local waterways and coastlines. We are excited to announce that this winter we are travelling right across New Zealand trying to put ourselves out of a job: training people from businesses, community groups, councils and high schools to use the educational and engagement methods that we have proven effective.

From May to August 2014 we are running educational talks, training workshops and tree planting events in every region of New Zealand, all of which are free to attend. We know there are passionate people around the country looking after the places we love: we want to learn from you all and work together to pass on knowledge to others. We are actively seeking collaborators for this project who can provide local expertise, venues, planting locations, suitable native trees, volunteers and funding to the project.

Everywhere we go we want to improve local waterways and coastlines, so in each region we will work with local groups, schools and workers from the Department of Corrections to coordinate riparian planting activities. If you would like to work with us alongside your local waterway, we would love to hear from you. Simply email Sam Judd on [email protected].

Ideally, we will find restoration projects that are looking for an injection of energy, situated on public land in a place of importance for the community. Training workshops will be run for working adults and also at high schools, where leaders will learn how to educate, motivate and lead their younger peers.

During the nationwide tour we will equip communities with a comprehensive set of free resources and online tools to increase local ownership, promotion and participation in events and education that look after the waterways and coastlines. We look forward to sharing our experience in public speaking and event planning, as well as learning from local groups along the way. Please join us.


Project Timings

The below timings show when and where we will be running educational talks, training workshops and tree planting events around New Zealand. As soon as more detailed locations and timings for each region are confirmed these will be posted here.