Mercedes-Benz Rangitoto Island Clean-up | Sustainable Coastlines

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Over four events held on Thursday 17, Friday 18, Tuesday 22 and Thursday 24 October, staff from Mercedes-Benz joined our team, along with the experienced crew from Watercare Harbour Clean-up Trust, to clean-up the coast on Auckland’s iconic Rangitoto Island.

Volunteers trooped around the rugged shoreline around McKenzie, Coastguard and Islington Bays, picking-up an impressive 2,050 litres of rubbish (over 41 full sacks) in total: a great effort on Rangitoto’s challenging terrain.

This type of hands-on action is an excellent, practical, fun way for anyone to learn about how the constant stream of litter from Auckland’s streets flows out through storm drains and affects the islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

Thank you to all Mercedes-Benz staff for your fantastic effort and enthusiasm throughout these events, and thanks also to the Watercare Harbour Clean-up Trust for your continued logistical support, your help is always much appreciated.

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