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We joined Nelson’s Victory School on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th August to plant 875 trees along the banks of the York Stream in the Bishopdale Reserve.

York Stream passes right through town and then through Victory School so it was a great opportunity for the students to learn the importance of the impact we have upstream.

On Sunday 10th August, we then joined the Friends of the Maitai and Nelson City Council to put 3,000 trees in the ground. It was a fantastic (albeit frosty) community day with around 120 volunteers from all walks of life digging in to give the love back to their beloved Maitai.

This planting was part of an ongoing project that has involved the planting of thousands of native trees along sections of the Maitai River. The trees planted and nurtured through this project provide a perfect natural habitat for native birds, and shade for native fish.