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May 2011
Jun 2011

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This May we’re teaming-up with international expedition organisation Pangaea Exploration on an important survey of isolated marine environments around the Pacific.

We are currently looking for crew to help provide manpower, technical skills and financial support to the research mission, which is aimed at collecting valuable information to assist with long-term marine conservation, education and community projects in the area and around the world.

Expressions of interest are sought from divers, educators, photographers, journalists, artists, marine biologists, deckhands, sailors, writers, conservationists, organisations and any others wanting to join the adventure.

The four‐part marine survey sets off from Tahiti on the 10th of May, passing through the Southern and Northern Cook Islands and the Northern Line Islands (including Christmas Island) before arriving in Hawaii on the 30th of June. Along the way the crew will be working with local NGOs to study a wide range of conservation issues affecting these small islands including marine debris, water quality, habitat condition and overfishing.

The expedition will be based aboard the Sea Dragon – a modern 72ft sailing vessel fully-equipped for research and ocean voyages that will enable the team to reach remote locations in safety and comfort.

Throughout each leg of the voyage the team will conduct research through a variety of methods, including photography and videography (both above surface and underwater), beach surveying, visual reef checks, fish and water sampling, manta trawl surface sampling, CO2 and pH monitoring and written observations.

The team will meet and interview members of local communities, NGOs and official leaders, as well as explore pristine, untouched and life-abundant ecosystems in remote, uninhabited islands, reefs and atolls.

Find out more and get involved

For more detailed information on each leg of the research survey and how to get involved, check out Pangaea Exploration’s site or click on the links for each leg below.

To express your interest in joining the expedition, email Anna Mathieson (Pacific Project Liaison) at [email protected]

Expedition timeline

Leg 1: May 10 – 15, Tahiti to Cook Islands
Leg 2: May 16 – 27, Southern Cook Islands
Leg 3: May 28 – June 14, Northern Cook Islands
Leg 4: June 15 – June 30, Northern Line Islands to Hawaii