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Mar 2017

On Friday 24 March, 2017, long time supporter Yealands Wine Group teamed up with Sustainable Coastlines once again to deliver some coastal goodwill. The team headed immediately for Auckland’s Meola Reef Reserve and the tidally affected Meola Reef in the beautiful Waitemata Harbour.

An enthusiastic team of 14 from Yealands joined three from Sustainable Coastlines on the day. After a quick introduction and Love Your Coast presentation by our own Jodi Pretscherer, the crew spread out along the reef, which catches tides of rubbish from the surrounding stormwater outlets.

Meola Reef, a 26,000-year-old lava flow from Mt St John, is quite extensive and stretches about 3km out into the Waitemata Harbour. Usually it picks up a lot of the surrounding rubbish, however, this time the team were somewhat surprised by how little was immediately obvious (a good thing really!). Of course, after a little bit of time, a decent haul was found and we came away with the awesome feeling of removing 325 litres of rubbish from our beautiful harbour.

Thanks again to the Yealands team. Your continued support on our coasts and for our other projects truly means a lot to us. We are, of course, looking forward to our next outing together.