Rotoroa Island Valentine’s Day Clean-up | Sustainable Coastlines

Event impacts

Our coastline clean-up on Rotoroa Island to celebrate Valentine’s Day was a huge success! Our amazing volunteers removed 350 litres of litter from the island’s coast, in order to protect our moana and native wildlife. The main items of litter found were rope, fishing line, and buoys.

Despite what we thought might be a rough ferry journey due to the weather conditions, volunteers turned up with smiles on their faces and were ready to spend the day on a beautiful island, and get stuck in to cleaning up! We spotted a family of takahē, which was a big highlight of the day.

Volunteers were sent to different parts of the island to clean up, ensuring we covered as much of the coastline as possible. They had the afternoon to relax, swim, and explore the island.

A massive thank you to Garnier for supporting our mahi at Sustainable Coastlines, and for making this day possible!