RSM Prince Narrow Neck Clean-up | Sustainable Coastlines

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Our clean-up with the team from RSM Prince began with sunny skies in the midst of otherwise unsettled weather, a positive sign for the successful clean-up that was to come. After Sustainable Coastlines Trustee Blake Richardson delivered our proven Love Your Coast presentation, the volunteers were ready to get stuck in and clean up the coast.

While we knew we were unlikely to find large quantities of large rubbish — given the active residents groups in the area and the offshore prevailing winds which blow most of the rubbish towards Rangitoto — we were surprised at the final rubbish count at 250 litres of mostly microplastics, pretty shocking! The event was yet another example of the need to take better care of the places we love and spread the word about the horrendous environmental effects of single-use plastics, a message that the RSM volunteer team said was a major take away from the overall clean-up experience. The atmosphere throughout the entire event was awesome and our team had a great time.

We would like to thank the incredible team of RSM Prince volunteers for their commitment and the great job they did to improve the health of our beaches. We hope to see you at one of our beach clean-ups soon.

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