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Sep 2016

What a great day! Sincerest thanks for T&G Global’s awesome effort at the Rosewood Orchard today. In total we planted over 900 native trees alongside more than 300m of the ‘Thompson Drain’ in only a few hours work with 40 hard working staff.

We really enjoy these corporate events and we look forward to coming back next year and working with T&G Global to continue to look after the waterways we all love. These corporate events are a huge help and allow us to bring our education and tree planting programme to schools around the country, so huge respect to T&G Global for reaching out and making this happen.

A big thanks to T&G’s Lachlan McKay and his team for preparing the site for planting, a stellar job. Thanks also to Hirepool Napier for their operations support, Mexi Mama restaurant for the amazing tacos, as well as our sponsors Benefitz, Singapore Airlines, Kwi-n-Ezy, Eighthirty Coffee and Phoenix Drinks. Huge respect to Hawkes Bay Regional Council for making this planting day possible, and their ongoing support for clean water.


As part of the 2016 Love Your Water program we are partnering with the fantastic team at T&G Global to plant native trees along a stream through their Rosewood apple orchard in Hastings.

T&G know a thing or two about planting!  They grow, market and distribute fruit all over the world, every day. From our New Zealand roots they have grown into a truly global business but their feet and hands were in the soil working locally on Friday to help improve the water quality of the nearby streams and rivers.

The morning was overcast without rain, a perfect day for planting. At 9.30am the crew arrived and enjoyed some tea and coffee before being given the Love Your Water presentation by our Sustainable Coastlines Event Manager, Oliver Vetter.  After a Health & Safety briefing and planting tutorial by Sustainable Coastlines’ botanical expert Sara Stuart we got stuck into planting trees.

By lunch time the team had got most of the 900 trees in the ground, and after some delicious tacos from the Mexi Mama crew, washed down with some organic Phoenix Drinks.  All that was left was to mulch the ground to keep the weeds away and the moisture in for the dry summer they have here.

Big thanks to Stevie from Hawkes Bay Regional council who was on hand to give assistance. A huge thanks to T&G Global and their wonderful staff for initiating this event and making it such an enjoyable day. Thanks to Hirepool for lending us their amazing BBQ trailer, Kwik-n-Ezy for the canopy, Phoenix Organics for the drinks and Eighthirty for the coffee.

Thanks for a great day!