The Warehouse Group Staff Clean-up | Sustainable Coastlines

Event impacts

We had a great day out with the Warehouse Group staff! Their team was split across three very different beaches, which allowed us to discuss what was washing up at each site and how it was getting there.

We set up a new Litter Intelligence site at Little Shoal Bay, so we conducted two Litter Surveys and Audits at that beach. There was a huge amount of construction material and glass there.

Our second location was Northcote Point, a very exposed coastline next to the motorway with low foot traffic. We mainly found food wrappers, plastic bottles, cigarette butts and polystyrene.

The last location was Tuff Crater, a mangrove area next to The Warehouse Group workplace. We found lots of glass bottles, contaminated wood and 24 golf balls! Overall, it was an awesome event with a dedicated and engaged team from The Warehouse Group!