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Jun 2018

On Thursday the 21st June, 14 students from Thorndon School’s Enviro Group joined us at Trelissick Park in Ngaio Gorge to help plant some native trees as part of the Trelissick Park Group’s restoration plan.

On arrival at the planting site, we were greeted by the distinctive calls from a couple of Kaka, soaring high above us – proof of the positive impact that we can make for our indigenous New Zealand flora and fauna and of the spectacular success of Zelandia which, as the Kaka flies, is not so far from Trelissick Park.

Donning gloves and spades in hand (with a little bit of help from their adult helpers) the students set to work settling the native seedlings into their new homes along Nagio stream.  It was a chilly morning so the work was a welcome opportunity to warm up.  Once the trees had been planted it was time for some morning tea.  This gave us a chance to listen to the native bird calls and observe a plump Kereru sitting on a low branch beside the walking track.  The event finished off with a talk about the history of the park by Peter from the Trelissick Park Group who also kindly supplied the trees for the planting and has been integral to the restoration of this special area.

This event was an excellent opportunity for the students to connect with their local flora and fauna and contribute to the restoration of an important ecological and historical site.  We will look forward to seeing the see students again next term!