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Dec 2010

On the back of our highly successful planting day in collaboration with the Te Atatu Marae Coalition, Auckland Council and others, we’d love to get your help to finish off this kaupapa. While the day was a huge success, we still have a big pile of mulch that needs to be spread along one-third of the planting area. We got a lot done on the day, but we have some more mahi yet to finish this off.

If you have a volunteer day you need to use, or just some free time to help out in the local community, please do come and join us for a day or two of mulching. Mulching is really important to help suppress weeds and keep the ground nice from drying out over summer, which gives the 2,400 natives we planted the best chance of survival to next winter.

Many hands make light work so please join us from 9:30am on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October at Harbourview-Orangihina Park, Te Atatu Peninsula (entrance off the roundabout opposite Gloria Ave).

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Dec 2010

A massive thank you to the nearly 1,000 amazing people who cleaned-up most of Christchurch’s beaches and rivers on Wednesday – including the Heathcote and Avon Rivers, the Estuary, Sumner and New Brighton! All of the rubbish we collected is being transported by Fulton Hogan to a Christchurch City Council depot to be sorted, counted through and weighed.

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Send your best event shots to us at [email protected] to be in to win epic prizes from our awesome sponsors.

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Email [email protected] for more info, or check out the event on Facebook.

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Dec 2010

A huge thanks to the 2,000+ awesome volunteers, school students and supporters who descended upon Wellington’s beaches to pick-up trash on Tuesday! Coastlines all around the harbour and the South Coast were cleaned-up. Every bit of rubbish collected has been transported by the Wellington City Council (thanks!) to the Southern Landfill where it was weighed-in. Check out the impressive results on the right hand side of this page.

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Send your best event shots to us at [email protected] to be in to win epic prizes from our awesome sponsors.

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Email [email protected] for more info, or check out the event on Facebook.

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Jan 2010

Event media

Check out the articles covering this event at the links below:

800 volunteers working along 270km’s of beautiful coastlines have removed nearly 12 tonnes of rubbish from our beaches and coastal areas. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out in the lead up to the event and on the day, your support was awesome and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Event impacts

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Rubbish breakdown

In total over the course of two days on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 March, volunteers removed 32,900 litres, or 3,125 kg of rubbish from the coastlines of Aotea/Great Barrier Island. Overall, recyclable materials accounted for around 30% of the total weight, or 43% of the total volume collected.

Event totals and media

The official weigh-in has been completed: over the course of two days on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 March, volunteers removed 32,900 litres, or 3,125 kg of rubbish from the coastlines of Aotea/Great Barrier Island. That’s 300 kilos more than volunteers collected from the same locations at the same event last April, less than one year ago. While it’s sad to see how quickly the trash builds up on these beautiful shores, it was an amazing effort from all involved to help clean-up the beaches and raise awareness of the problem.

A huge thank you to everyone involved. Over the two days we had more than 1000 volunteers helping out around the island. On the Friday we had over 400 children from schools around Auckland patrolling the beaches in and around Tryphena Harbour. On the Saturday locals and volunteers from the mainland scoured the West Coast of the island in 22 boats, 65 kayaks and two walking groups. A massive effort from all.

Our Sustainable Coastlines crew coordinated the transport of the rubbish we collected back to Auckland (where a lot of it came from), and accompanied the rubbish barge back to the city – arriving at 9am on Wednesday 17 March at the Sealink terminal on Wynyard Wharf to a flurry of reporters and cameras. Check out some of our coverage here:

What next? We’re currently completing a detailed audit on the rubbish and will report back with results on the types and quantity of trash collected. When compared with the results from last year, this will become a valuable tool for understanding the composition, rate of build-up, and origin of the waste that makes it to the coastlines of this pristine island.



Photos and thanks

Thanks to all volunteers, supporters, sponsors and crew. The event was awesome, so a big thank you to everyone who helped out. We couldn’t have done it without you. Check out our event photos in the gallery above.

Photo competition

We’d love you to send your best shots from the event, so we’re holding a photo competition to reward volunteers who took awesome pics. The best shots will win epic prizes from our generous sponsors, just email photos to us at [email protected] and be in to win.



Event details

Firstly, thanks for your support. There’s a lot of rubbish out there to be picked up! Please take the time to read through the important details below. If you booked seats for other people, please make sure you pass this information on to them.

What to bring

Think of this as a weekend camping trip. Some important things to bring:

  • A print out of the receipt for your ferry ticket booking
  • Solid shoes that you don’t mind getting wet
  • Rain jacket, hat and sunscreen
  • Daypack, lunch and water for Saturday
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Camera
  • Cash for food, drinks, transport etc. There are no ATM’s or banks, but you can pay by card in most places
  • Camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, mats, torch etc)
  • Surfboards, dive gear, fishing gear

Important note: When we arrive at the island, we’ll transport your bags (aside from your daypacks) to the Claris Club for you while you get stuck into the clean-up. Please ensure all gear that you need during the clean-up – including gloves, cameras, food, rain jacket etc is in your daypack before boarding the ferry in Auckland. Make sure bags, tents, surfboards etc are clearly labeled with your name. Speak to a Sustainable Coastlines rep if your luggage needs particular attention.

Schedule for Saturday


Check-in for ferry departure is at the Hilton, Downtown Auckland (not the ferry terminal):

  • Drop-off zone is at the Quay Street end of Princess Wharf. If you have a lot of gear that you can’t carry, drive down the East side of the wharf to drop it off beside the ferry.
  • Free car parking for event participants is available at the Downtown Auckland City Council car park, 31 Customs Street West (we’ll issue you with a ticket to validate your parking on the return ferry). Oh, and while we’re being good to the environment, please try and carpool to avoid congestion, we have limited free spaces.
  • Enjoy free tea or coffee at Hilton Auckland’s Bellini Bar before we board the ferry at 7.30am


Our Fullers’ Jet Raider chartered ferry departs Auckland. A Sustainable Coastlines rep will talk to you during the voyage to decide your clean-up group.


Jet Raider arrives in Whangaparapara Wharf on Great Barrier Island. Volunteers transfer to smaller boats, kayaks or mini buses to travel to clean-up locations. Luggage will be transported separately to the Claris Club / campsite (unless on special request).


Jet Raider arrives in Port Fitzroy Wharf (further north on the island). Volunteers transfer to smaller boats, kayaks or mini buses to travel to clean-up locations.


Transport from your clean-up location to the Claris Club / campsite. Pitch your tent and grab a shower (toilets, showers and drinking water available). Lodging is available at two minutes walk from Claris Club.


Celebration at the Claris Club. Reasonably-priced BBQ and drinks, and a solid line-up of music.
See map of the island below, with key locations mentioned above marked.

Sunday: Explore the Island

Everyone is free to do what they like and make the most of this beautiful island. A few things that we recommend:

  • Enjoy brunch at Claris Texas Cafe, near the Claris Club.
  • Swim at the Kaitoke Hot Springs. Taxis available from Claris.
  • Hire a car or mountain bike at ($10 discount/day per car).
  • Surfing on the East Coast.
  • Go for a fish or a dive. Contact Kim Watts, Riviera on 0275485957 / (09) 4290733 or visit

Very important note: All event participants returning to Auckland will need to make their own way back to Whangaparapara Wharf by 5pm for a 5.30pm departure. We can help transport your gear from the Claris Club if necessary, just come and see us to organise this.



Event updates

Bringing your own boat?

Meet in Port Fitzroy at 10am on Saturday 6th March. Epic spot prizes on offer from Burnsco Marine, Harken, Gill and RFD. Saturday night BBQ at Smokehouse Bay or transport to big celebration in Claris available. To register, contact Mike Good at Burnsco Marine on 09 535 4558 ex 702 [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

To answer any questions you may have about the upcoming event, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and, of course, the answers to them. For more information please contact Sam Judd on 021 058 9349 or e-mail [email protected]

What’s this all about?

This event is the second annual coastal clean-up, following on from the success of last year’s event that spanned the West Coast of Aotea/Great Barrier Island, when volunteers working with Sustainable Coastlines removed over 2.8 tonnes of rubbish in one day. 85-90% of this came from the storm water drains of Auckland city and from the boats that enjoy the beautiful island each summer. Come down and help us do it again this year! We’ll be picking up rubbish from the island’s coasts on foot, vehicles, yacht, boat, kayak and dive groups, depending on individual preference and capability. A detailed volunteer briefing will be held on the morning of the event.

Where is it?

Aotea/Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. Volunteers are welcome to either make their own way there or come as a foot passenger on our chartered ferry from Downtown Auckland.

When is the event?

Saturday 6th March, 2010: Ferry leaves Downtown Auckland at 8am, arriving at Great Barrier Island mid morning. We will clean-up the coastlines then enjoy a BBQ and celebration with some top musical artists at the Claris Club in the evening. Free on-site camping will be available for event participants. Artists to be announced here soon.

Sunday 7th March, 2010: Everyone is free to enjoy the amazing location. Possibilities include world class surfing, diving the crystal clear waters, challenging tramping, soothing natural hot pools, golf, cycling, great fishing and simply relaxing on Great Barrier Island. Ferry departs Great Barrier Island at 5.30pm and arrives back in Auckland at around 7.30pm.

Who’s involved?

Everyone is welcome, however under 18 year olds must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Sustainable Coastlines is a New Zealand charity with solid results from events in the Galapagos Islands, Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand. We focus on community-wide participation in activities at grass roots level, with the education of young people about coastline protection and recycling the underlying priority. What sets us apart however is that we make it FUN!

Why are we doing this?

When litter is dropped on the streets of Auckland City, it flows through the storm water drains and out into the Hauraki Gulf. Every city-facing coastline of all of the gulf’s islands is covered in trash, choking the ecosystem and poisoning marine life. Boats contribute to this problem also; especially through fishing rubbish and plastic debris escaping from vessels; so take the opportunity to help clean up our coastline whilst enjoying the epic island scenery and attractions with hundreds of other volunteers.

How can I get involved?

Spaces on our chartered ferry are limited, so make sure you book your seat now. You can do this through the link at the top of this page, and tickets cost only $50 return per person. There’s plenty of room for dive/fishing gear, surfboards, bicycles etc and plenty of time to explore the beautiful Great Barrier Island on Sunday as well as discounts on rental cars (details still to be announced).



Dates announced

Plans are taking shape for our next event – to be held on the 5th, 6th and 7th of March along the coastlines of Aotea/Great Barrier Island. This follows on from our event last April, when over 700 volunteers removed around 2.8 tonnes of rubbish from the island’s beaches over two days. For a good feel for what this event was like, and an idea of what to expect this time around, check out the Campbell Live story on last year’s clean-up here.

Hayden Smith from the Waitemata Harbour Clean-up Trust estimates that around 85-90% of the rubbish found on the beaches (particularly the West Coast) of Aotea/Great Barrier Island comes directly from the stormwater drains and rivers of Auckland City. So there’s plenty of rubbish to pick up.

In the next few weeks, our planning team will be heading over to the island to work with the local community on coordinating the event. As we fine-tune the plan for the event, we’ll update this page with all of the details and helpful information. We’ll also be sending out our e-newsletter closer to the event with an official invite to get involved.

Event impacts

Event Details

May 2010

On Sunday the 30th of May we took 80 volunteers from AECOM out to the beautiful Motutapu Island to pick up rubbish from its coastlines. Following our massive event on Aotea/Great Barrier Island earlier this year, AECOM contacted us with a large group of employees wanting to give something back to the islands of the Hauraki Gulf that we all love.

Volunteers spent the day scouring the beaches of this unique island in stunning, cloudless, almost summer-like weather. As we’ve found in similar clean-up events in the past, disposable plastic products made up a large portion of the trash we found. Around half of the total volume of waste collected from this sparsely inhabited island was made up of a selection of the plastic bottles, jandals, bottle caps and cigarette lighters that come from the streets, waterways and boats of metropolitan Auckland on a daily basis. The event was a huge success – the crew managed to remove around 5,000 litres or 350 kg of trash from beaches on both the east and west coasts of the island.

If you’d like to take part in an event like this, just email us at [email protected]

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Event Details

Oct 2010

This Friday 8 October, nine crew from Lantern Insurance hit the shores of Rangitoto Island in the second of a series of clean-ups at different locations around the island. Volunteers worked hard along rocky coastlines to remove around 1450 litres of rubbish in one day. The spring weather was on our side, and a brilliant day in the sun was made even better as we were greeted by a large pod of dolphins playing along the coast as we made our way around the island.

This event played an important part in the planning and build-up to a large-scale coastal clean-up event we are helping to coordinate on Rangitoto Island on Monday 6 December, as part of the national Love your Coast event series. Along with picking-up trash, we also collected data on trash concentrations, beach entry points, landing sites and terrain types: valuable planning information.

A huge thanks to the volunteers from Lantern Insurance for rolling-up your sleeves and giving a little back to our coastlines, and cheers to Hayden Smith and Ben Harris from the Waitemata Harbour Clean-up Trust for logistical support in getting us around the island on boat The Phil Warren.

If you’d like to take part in an event like this, just email us at [email protected]

Event Details

Sep 2010

Thank you

By attending our ball, supporting our tree-planting project, and purchasing artworks and auction packages, you’ve helped us to continue the work we’re doing to protect and sustain our coastlines. We hope you had a great night!

Ball photos

Thanks to our photographer Stephen Tilley, we now have over 300 brilliant photos from the evening for you to check out. You can see a selection of some of the best shots on this page. To see the entire range of photos, as well as order prints online, click here.

Send us your photos and be in to win

Send us your favourite photos from our charity ball at [email protected]. The best shot wins a bottle of Yealands Estate Wine or a pack of Monteith’s beer or cider. Good!



Event update

Tickets sold out!

We’re looking forward to an awesome night, with a three-course seated meal, beverage package and performances from some of New Zealand’s top musicians. Performers include Aotearoa’s leading (and world-renowned) concert pianist Michael Houstoun, NZ’s top jazz ensemble Nairobi Trio, the sensational contemporary singer/songwriter Hollie Smith, and the critically acclaimed up-and-comer Bella Kalolo and her 8-piece band The Soul Symphony.

For those who have bought tickets: in the interests of saving paper we won’t be mailing these out. Your name will simply be on the door, along with the number of tickets you’ve bought. If you bought tickets for a group or table, just make sure the rest of your group knows who bought the tickets: they’ll need to tell us what booking name they’re under. Event is strictly R18: Sorry kids! Please remember to bring your photo ID on the night.

Getting suited-up?

If you’re looking for the perfect suit for the ball, our good friends at Exclusive Suit Hire have plenty of top-of-the-line options for hire. And, in support of our cause, they’ll be donating $10 from every suit rental to Sustainable Coastlines! To sort your suit out, head to one of Exclusive Suit Hire’s locations in Auckland CBD, Botany, Mt Eden or Albany, call them on 0800 266 466, or visit their site at Cheers guys!

Table and group bookings?

During the three-course meal we’ll be seated at tables of ten. If you’re interested in booking a table for you and your crew, all you need to do is write ’10’ under quantity on our ticketing page, and you’ll have a table set aside especially for you.

For group bookings of less than ten, all you need to do is select the quantity of tickets you require. We’ll do our best to seat you together, however numbers may dictate that some groups are split across tables. That way, you’ll get to meet some awesome new people while you enjoy your meal!

A little help from our friends?

Please feel free to forward this email on to your friends, clients, contacts, siblings, parents, in-laws, colleagues, etc and invite them to join us for what is certain to be a fantastic occasion.

If you have access to a printer, please feel free to decorate your walls with our event poster to help us promote the Ball.



This is going to be fantastic

It gives us great pleasure to announce The Sustainable Coastlines Charity Ball, to be held on Saturday 18 September at the Hilton in downtown Auckland. Those of you who attended our Aotea/Great Barrier Island event earlier this year will remember the Hilton’s kind support in offering a superb location for our early morning departure, and it’s great to be working with them again.

The evening promises to be one of glamour, world-class entertainment, mouth-watering food and drinks, and generally feeling great about giving something back to the coastlines we love. Aotearoa’s leading concert pianist – Michael Houstoun – will start the evening off in style while Hollie Smith – the sensational singer / songwriter – will play an amazing acoustic set.

All ticket sales, along with an art auction during the evening, will help raise funds for our ongoing work on projects to sustain and protect our coastlines. Shortly we’ll be announcing a live band to add to the line-up, further details about the ball and will be making tickets available for purchase on this page. Keep checking back here as we’ll be releasing further information closer to the night.

Event impacts

Event Details

On Saturday night (18 September), we decorated our charity ball with over 200 native trees. Today, 50 children from Tirau Primary School, our Chairman James Bailey and other volunteers planted these trees alongside the Te Waihou Walkway at the head of the Waihou River.

Bravo to all of those who supported us. We’ll be updating this page with further planting and keep you up to date as the trees grow: this is a long-term project.

What is Mountain to Sea?

Because our oceans and coastlines are downstream from everywhere, taking care of the rivers and streams that flow into them is critical in protecting marine ecosystems. Mountain to Sea is a concept that Environment Waikato, NZ Landcare Trust, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Department of Conservation and South Waikato District Council have collaborated on that looks to manage human environmental impacts holistically.

This concept is being brought to life through the Kaimai Catchments Project (funded through the Ministry for the Environment’s Sustainable Management Fund), which aims to work in partnership with landowners, the community and resource management agencies in the catchments of the Waihou River and Tauranga Harbour to reduce erosion and run-off, and stabilise river banks. This will help to clean-up the waters of the Firth of Thames and Tauranga Harbour. Sustainable Coastlines is pleased to announce our involvement in the Kaimai Catchments Project, by helping to plant trees along the Te Waihou Walkway.

How you can help?

Support this project and future planting work along the Waihou River by buying a tree for a $10 donation now — just head to our donations page.

Find out more

Download project poster here

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Event Details

As part of events all around the world for International Coastal Clean-up Day, last Saturday we teamed-up with Clean Planet and around 35 volunteers to remove around 3000 litres or 380kg of trash from the beaches along Tamaki Drive. Volunteers started at St Heliers and Okahu Bays and walked back towards Mission Bay – collecting trash from the beaches and coasts along the way – while Hayden Smith and Ben Harris from the Waitemata Harbour Clean-up Trust scoured the coast between Mechanics Bay and Okahu Bay.

Thanks to all volunteers for helping out, and to supporters for their generous donation of spot prizes for the day. Finally, cheers to Joe Dowling from The Shutter Pirates for capturing the day with the awesome photos you see above.

Event details

This Saturday we’re partnering-up with Clean Planet to run a coastal clean-up along Tamaki Drive in Auckland. We’ll be starting in Okahu Bay and St Heliers and walking back towards Mission Bay, where we’ll be having a BBQ and kid’s activities afterwards, at around 1.30pm.

It’s the perfect time to get out and do something good for our beautiful coastlines: this week is National Clean-up Week, and this Saturday is International Coastal Clean-up Day. By taking part on Saturday you’ll be joining hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who are all volunteering their time to look after our coastlines. A pretty awesome thing to be involved-in, we think.

Meeting places:

11am, St Heliers: meet by the children’s playground at the far end of St Heliers Bay (away from the city).
11am, Okahu Bay: meet at the city end of the bay.

Keen to get involved?

Simply RSVP on Facebook — this will give us an idea of numbers so we can make sure there are enough sacks, gloves and sausages for all! Feel free to invite your friends and family.