Fundraise | Sustainable Coastlines

Fundraise for the cause

If you love Aotearoa’s beaches and want to protect them, raising money for us will be one of the most rewarding things you can do. We’re a cause everyone can get behind — who doesn’t want litter-free beaches and healthy wildlife?

Whether you’re a lone operator or you’re keen to get your friends and workmates on board, there are plenty of fun, challenging, and rewarding fundraising activities you can undertake. And fundraising for us is easy through Givealittle.

Since Sustainable Coastlines’ core activities are based outdoors, the cause aligns nicely with outdoor pursuits, like Tess and Breanna’s challenge to ride the length or the North Island, or the awesome Steph Vercoe’s challenge to bungy off, run over and swim under the Auckland Harbour bridge to raise money for our cause. 

Not everyone is quite so active, and we love some of the more innovative ways people have thought of to fundraise for us, like the attendees of a recent conference held by the New Zealand Green Building Council who voted to donate to us on behalf of their speakers.