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Litter Intelligence Programme Administrator

Job Description

Position Title:​ Litter Intelligence Programme Administrator Reporting Manager:​ Litter Intelligence Programmes Manager Position Location:​ Auckland, New Zealand
Position Type: ​Fixed term, part-time (0.5 FTE)
Start Date:​ October 2020
End Date: ​May 2021
Remuneration:​ $45,000 (pro-rated) plus benefits.

The purpose of this position is:
1. To effectively support the on-the-ground running of the Litter Intelligence programme through administrative duties.
2. To support the development of novel verification, recording and reporting systems.
3. To report on and contribute to the refinement of the Litter Intelligence Program as a whole.
4. To assist with the delivery of other Sustainable Coastlines activities under the Love Your Coast and Love Your Water programmes and perform administrative tasks where required.

The Litter Intelligence Programme (LI) is a core service managed by Sustainable Coastlines. Though currently still in development, in 2020 it will rapidly see uptake in schools and other groups across the country. The LI programme, which sees nationwide citizen scientists report litter data from around the country, now requires a centralised administrator to function effectively.

Primary Responsibilities

● Support our other LI staff in administrative duties, such as Salesforce reporting, budget tracking, and verification of surveys.
● Maintain the Expressions of Interest register and field inquiries from potential & existing monitoring groups
● Assist with tracking programme evaluation surveys.
● Schedule working group meetings, distribute communications, and assemble meeting materials.
● Assist in project reporting and generating resources.
● Be responsible for administrative tasks within the Learning Management System and Admin Platform.
● Prepare and send out LI kits.
● Create website & facebook event listings and share across regional networks.
● Book travel, arrange catering & track expenses.

Your responsibility is to keep the cogs turning and the communications complete & timely. You support the Operations team to promote events, manage registrations, report on impact, keep to budget, meet deadlines, and respond to inquiries or issues in a timely manner. You support the delivery of thorough & personal communications to citizen scientists, educators, and stakeholders, including sending out kits & generating resources as needed. You support regional events through arranging travel & workshop details, including creating event pages & reaching out to potential stakeholders. Success in your role looks like an enabled network of engaged collaborators, a supported high-functioning operations team, and a complete & timely schedule of impact & budget reporting and verified surveys.

There will also be an expectation to be involved with the Love Your Coast and Love Your Water programmes in an on-the-ground capacity when and where required.

How to Apply

Please apply by way of cover letter and CV to Shawn Elise Tierney at [email protected]

Job Category: Environment / Conservation. Job Type: Part-Time. Job Salary: 20,000 – 40,000.
Closes October 2, 2020