Our record-breaking tree-planting tour | Sustainable Coastlines

At the beginning of 2019 the Sustainable Coastlines crew committed to an ambitious goal for the regeneration of Aotearoa: to plant 50,000 native trees and shrubs next to waterways in one year.

So, from June to September this year we hit 17 locations in 11 regions across the country. With locations as far north as Whangarei right down to the Cardrona Valley in the south, we made some amazing local connections along the way.

After crunching the numbers we are very pleased to announce our biggest results since we started looking after waterways in 2010.

During the 2019 ANZ Love Your Water tour, we planted a whopping 68,033 native seedlings! This couldn’t have happened without the help of the 2,874 volunteers and more than 40 community groups and businesses, so a huge thank you to all involved.

We are super proud of the results and looking forward to making commitments to scale up restoration in the long term. Our mission is to enable people to look after the places that they love, so if you have a project that you want help with then please contact us here.

We have already begun planning an even bigger Love Your Water 2020 tour and are actively looking for sites around the country to support, and sponsors and volunteers to get involved, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Each of our planting locations has its own story, so for a full run-down, download the full project report here.