Connect with your local beach | Sustainable Coastlines

Connect through citizen science


  • Find out if you have a local survey area. Search your local beaches here.
  • Get more info about monitoring your local beach here.

Sometimes, connecting with nature is about connecting with the issues our environment is facing. Our Litter Intelligence citizen scientists visit their local beach every three months to collect data on the litter that has accumulated there.

These data contribute to a national litter database that enables Aotearoa’s problem-solvers to understand the issues and design the best solutions.

We love this because citizen scientists are not only connecting with their local beach, but they’re also working to protect it.


Are your local beaches monitored? 

Type them into the search bar one at a time on the Litter Intelligence website to find out.

  • If one of your local beaches pops up, click through to the most recent survey. Here, you can see the exact stretch of coastline that is monitored on each survey.
  • How clean is your beach? Find out here.
  • What’s the most common piece of litter picked up? Does this ring true when you visit the beach?
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Get involved!

If none of your local beaches is currently monitored, how about starting a survey area yourself? You’ll need at least two other people and be able to commit to a fun training day and to monitor your site every three months. Anyone can get involved — existing community groups, school groups, or you and your kids or friends! Get more info here.


An awesome way to connect

For us, spending time at the beach and seeing what’s found is an amazing way to connect to them. It reinforces our kaitiakitanga (guardianship) over our coasts and enables us to provide invaluable information to protect them for future generations and the wildlife that inhabits them.