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Our native forests are unique. Forest ecosystems include a huge diversity of plants and animals, many of which are only found in Aotearoa. The resources below are designed to educate and inspire, bringing people closer to our precious forests.

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Te reo forest words

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Proverbs and quotes


Go bush!

Connect with our native birds

Our native birds are a huge part of what makes Aotearoa special and form a big motivation for our tree-planting events. Learn more about our remarkable birds here.

Fools & Dreamers

Watch this documentary to discover an incredible story of regeneration. Degraded gorse-infested farmland has been regenerated back into beautiful New Zealand native forest over the course of 30 years, thanks to the dream of one man.


Uniqueness of NZ trees

Aotearoa’s forests evolved alone for over 55 million years. This led to some exceptional forest. Read this article to discover how we host some of the oldest primeval forests in the world, some of the largest plant species, and our trees’ unique adaptations.

Saving our kauri

Watch this short documentary about traditional Māori healer, Tohe Ashby, who looks to indigenous medicine to save an entire forest, one tree at a time.

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