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Love Your Water

Key to our vision at Sustainable Coastlines is healthy water. We strive to improve the health of our rivers and lakes to protect the precious ecosystems that exist there. And because rivers flow to the sea, we want to be sure that the water that enters our oceans is as healthy as possible.

Love Your Water focuses on freshwater restoration through water-quality education and riparian planting. We also establish nurseries and other community-based efforts to upscale our impact. 

Riparian planting (planting alongside waterways) restores freshwater ecosystems. Through their roots, trees help to stablise waterway slopes, which reduces the sediment entering the water. Roots also work as a filter for harmful nutrients, chemicals and pathogens. The trees themselves provide shade to keep the water a healthy temperature. As a result, biodiversity and natural habitats improve.

Our Love Your Water education presentations teach people about the unseen impacts on our waterways. We encourage positive lifestyle changes that reduce the impact on our waterways and actively protect them.

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As part of our Ambassador Programme you have the opportunity to run your own presentations and tree-planting events.

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