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Researching, planning and running our projects has costs that we work extremely hard to meet. A few fine folk have already put their name behind our cause, but we still need your help. We’re looking for partners to support our ongoing work and allow our team to achieve even better results for the coastlines and waterways we all love.

In return, we acknowledge our sponsors with a huge range of unique, high-value brand alignment and media exposure opportunities. A basic outline of the levels of sponsorship that we offer can be found below. We are also happy to work with you on sponsorship ideas that sit outside of those found on this page, simply contact us today.

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Email partnerships and campaign manager, Veronica Rojo, on

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Download our detailed sponsorship information: Become a sponsor

Sponsorship levels

Download the ‘Become a sponsor’ document above for specifics on each sponsorship level. Contributions can be a combination of financial and/or in-kind sponsorship, to be mutually agreed between prospective sponsors and Sustainable Coastlines. Of course we are more than happy to discuss sponsorship levels that sit outside of these. Simply contact us to arrange a time to talk through the options.

Please note that the terms outlined below and in the downloadable document above are subject to change. Updated terms will be provided during negotiation and must be signed by an authorised representative from both parties to take effect.