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We’re improving! Our DIY programme is currently on hold while we work to make our kits even better. Thanks for your patience.

Get your DIY kit

If you’re keen to run a clean-up with your family, school or community group or a team from work, we can help you out. We’ve put together the resources you need to do it yourself. 

Our DIY kits include reusable sacks, gloves, hand sanitiser, sharps container and safety briefing. These are free for families, community groups, non-profits and educational institutions. We ask for a minimum contribution of $230 from for-profit groups to keep these kits accessible for the groups mentioned above.

Please request your kit at least ten working days prior to your clean-up and let us know how many people you’re expecting so we can get you the gear you need. Once you’ve finished, return your kit to us within five working days. Need a kit posted to you? Let us know. 

This DIY option is for groups handling their event self-sufficiently — from selecting a site to rubbish disposal. If you are interested in a tailored event with support from our staff, please visit our ‘book an event’ page. 

To request your kit or ask any questions, please contact the team in your region. 

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