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From Monday 16 July to Friday 28 September 2012 we are offering free educational presentations to all schools in the Auckland region and we would like to invite your school to take part.

Presentations are available to every school in the Auckland region but places are limited so please register now to secure your school’s participation.

Since 2008, we have motivated 19,828 people to remove 818,033 litres of rubbish (more than half the volume of concrete in the Sky Tower) from the coast and delivered educational presentations to 27,172 school students with exceptional results (see below for testimonials).

Our experienced presenters will use imagery, short films and interact with the students to build an understanding about the challenges of marine debris and motivate them to work hands on to look after their local stretch of coastline.

We are also happy to coordinate a practical beach clean-up activity for your school. This is not compulsory to receive a presentation, but from past experience it has proven to be an excellent and enjoyable way for students to participate in inquiry-based learning and reinforce the educational message of the program.

We provide (at no cost):

  • All equipment required (gloves, sacks, first aid kits, hi-vis vests for leaders and a ROSA audited health and safety plan).
  • Student consent forms: Click here to download our student consent form.
  • Risk Analysis and Management System (RAMS) information: Click here to download relevant information.
  • Resources for ongoing learning (including detailed results of rubbish removed, data collection sheets, short films and presentations).
  • Mention of your school’s involvement on our website and email newsletter.

What you need to do:

Please register now if you would like your school to be a part of this fantastic activity. We will reply promptly to confirm your involvement and make further arrangements with your school. For more information, please contact us on 09 948 8454 or email [email protected]


Through the dozens of clean-up activities we have coordinated around Auckland over the last three years, we have found that both the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours, along with the many streams and tributaries that lead into them, are some of the most polluted stretches of coastline in the country.

After counting, weighing and categorizing the rubbish collected at our clean-ups we have identified that much of what is found on Auckland’s coastlines originates from land, largely a result of individual littering behaviour. Our presentations have proven very effective in the past: in two years our team has presented to nearly 30,000 students of all ages, with exceptional results.

Register now if you would like your school to be a part of this great event. We will be in touch to confirm your involvement and make further arrangements with your school.

Find out more

For any questions or further detail, contact Project Manager Ryley Webster on [email protected], or call our office on 09 948 8454.


“Thanks for a great day! (Your staff) were fantastic presenters and have enthused the staff and students. I was on duty at lunchtime and had senior students running around collecting rubbish from every nook and cranky of the school. They ended up collecting 4 grocery (plastic) bags worth and displayed a great sense of achievement. I also bumped into a group of boys who I assume were pretending to be trash superheroes, one boy rounded the corner yelling ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle!’ I wandered into the staffroom after duty and became engaged in a great discussion about ‘trash’ with the staff and started talking about the next steps for our school in relation to becoming a sustainable community. It is wonderful to have the momentum lifted in this area.”
Emma McFadyen, Makauri School, Gisborne, 2011

“It was really neat for the children to have the opportunity to see all the rubbish and have to think about where it all came from and how it got there. They say they will now think more carefully about what they throw away.”
Emma Bell, Flat Bush School, Auckland, 2011

“Your presentation was excellent and made a big impact on the children”
Kaye Gilman, Paraparaumu Beach School, 2011

“I loved the presentation that you gave. It was so cool to learn so much especially as I didn’t know about all the rubbish so you have taught me so much. Thank you!!”
Katana – Year 7, Te Aroha Primary School, East Cape, 2011

“You guys gave us a message to not throw rubbish around our school and now our whole school has changed. Thank you for teaching our school”
Sandra – Year 6, Te Aroha Primary School, East Cape, 2011

“Your talk really changed the way I feel about rubbish and polluting… Keep it up, you’re making a real difference!”
Krystabelle – Year 8, Northcote Intermediate School, Auckland, 2012

“(Your presenter) had the children engaged by having engaging visual and audio images…inspired the children…(was) well organised and used his time with us perfectly…(the) information was relevant and meaningful…used visual technology to stimulate and motivate the children…The children loved it! And so did the teachers! We would unreservedly recommend the programme to other schools.“
Vauxhall School Staff, Auckland, 2012