Diocesan School Rangitoto Island Clean-up | Sustainable Coastlines

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On Friday March 13 2015, 43 junior students and 19 adult volunteers from Auckland’s Diocesan School for Girls made their way to Islington Bay on iconic Rangitoto Island.

The girls split up into groups and headed out along the coast to collect rubbish that originates from Auckland City, floating across the harbour and washing up on the beaches here. During the week the girls visited several islands in the Hauraki Gulf, and this was their chance to help care for the stunning coastal environments we all love and enjoy.

Together the hard working team managed to pick up a whopping 270L of rubbish, which is very nearly two full 140L household red-lidded wheelie bins.

This type of hands-on action proves to be an excellent, practical and fun way for anyone to learn about how the constant stream of litter from Auckland’s streets flows out through storm drains and affects the islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

A massive thank you to the students and teachers at Diocesan School for Girls good job! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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