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On Friday 25 October, 10 hardy souls from the Sony New Zealand joined us for a clean-up on Auckland’s Rangitoto Island. With an ominous weather forecast, the team was pleasantly surprised with a magnificent sunny day and smooth ferry ride.

Out on the Island, the famous Rangitoto rock proved a challenging location for the committed team, however impressively the crew managed to collect over 350 litres of trash and remove it from the beautiful coastline. Some of the litter found on this clean-up was used to create a special collaborative schools artwork for Art In The Dark this year at Western Park, a great way to give this litter a new life. The crew enjoyed a delicious lunch on the island before heading back home to Auckland.

We enjoy getting our sleeves rolled up and assisting people with this kind of practical action. It is a great and fun way to learn about the constant flow of rubbish from Auckland’s storm water system, and highlights the effects this flow has on the Gulf Islands.

A huge thank you to the Sony team for your committed efforts and ongoing support in helping us remove rubbish from our beautiful coasts. A massive thanks also to the Watercare Harbour Clean-up Trust for your continued logistical support, your assistance is always valued and appreciated.