The Great Big Wellington Waterfront Clean-up 2023 | Sustainable Coastlines

Event impacts

This years Great Big Waterfront Clean-up saw over 120 volunteers get stuck in to clean 1.5km of the Wellington Waterfront. Approximately 1,500 litres of litter was removed with a shopping trolley, 3x Flamingo E-scooters, road cones, a doll’s head and lots of cigarette buts and single-use beverage and food containers removed.
Ghost divers rescued a baby octopus from a coke can whilst cleaning up, which was a wonderful reminder that their actions were preventing this litter form entering into the harbour waters and potentially being ingested by these creatures.
There are so many great cafes and restaurants that you can sit in and enjoy the harbour views or that allow you to bring your own container for takeaway, directory here, so that you aren’t generating rubbish whilst enjoying the beauty of of waterfront that the people of Wellington love and our marine life calls home.


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