FINNZ Lyall Bay to Princess Bay Clean-up 2017 | Sustainable Coastlines

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Dec 2017

On Friday 8 December, FINNZ staff joined our team at the Lyall Bay boat ramp for an afternoon beach clean-up. The windy balmy weather made for a beautiful and classic Wellington day.

Oliver Vetter gave a brief presentation about the issues facing our waters from single-use plastics and the simple solutions we can all contribute to help. After a health and safety brief the team set out onto the beach. Over the course of the next 2 hours the team removed over  400 litres (~50 kilos) of rubbish from the coastline between Lyall Bay and the Taputeranga Marine Reserve at Princess Bay.

The car parks between the beaches had the most ‘interesting’ finds, including fishing gear and single use plastics

As usual the FINNZ team got stuck into it – sometimes on all fours through bushes and over rocks. It’s amazing the difference a motivated group of people can achieve, and how much rubbish you can find when you take the time to look.

We all came together for a phoenix ginger beer and a discussion of interesting finds!

A fantastic effort by everyone involved and we look forward to working with such a good-spirited team again