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On Friday the 1st of July, the weather turned it on for us and a dedicated team from Lantern Insurance made the trip down to the Waikato. They teamed up with South Waikato District Council to plant 450 trees along the banks of the beautiful Waihou River. Look through photos from the day above.

Just downstream from where we were planting, 60% of New Zealand’s bottled water is extracted from the famous Blue Spring. This may seem ironic when you consider that we removed 8.5 cubic metres of plastic bottles from Rangitoto Island last December, but what we are doing on the Waihou River is actively assisting the health of this important waterway. The native seedlings reduce effluent and fertilizer runoff into the river, stabilise the riverbanks (reducing erosion) and also provide habitats for native species.

We are stoked to have Lantern on board as partners and are looking forward to having their staff out on Rangitoto Island – as they have done several times with us in the past – combing the shores for rubbish later in the year.

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