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Why Connect With Nature?

Protect what you love

In Jacques Cousteau’s words, “People protect what they love”. At Sustainable Coastlines, we’ve found that this rings true. We believe that most Kiwis already love our natural world, but sometimes we can all do with a reminder of its wonders.

Inspiring people

We aspire to beautiful beaches and healthy waters. Inspiring people to look after nature is how we’ll get there. When you reflect on what you get from nature, you’re encouraged to think about what you can give nature in return.

Nature is good for you

Connecting to nature is also a proven way to improve mental health. Through learning more about our natural world through our online resources, individuals are more likely to be able to make connections and appreciate nature when they’re out in nature itself.

Through te reo Māori

When you explore our resources, you’ll notice that we’ve woven in some te reo Māori. As well as aspiring to a more bilingual Aotearoa, this is also because of the innate connection to the natural world that is present in te reo. In te ao Māori (the Māori world view) the environment is an inseparable part of human life.


Our Connect With Nature content series has the sole purpose of encouraging people to have a deeper relationship with their natural environment. And we want to make it personal! So, #NatureGivesMe was born — a supporting social media campaign designed to get people to connect with nature!

How do I take part?

Watch this or keep reading below.

First, consider how you connect with nature, whether it’s a walk out with your dog, a ferry ride in the harbour, or even a surf out on a stellar west coast beach — as long as there’s nature around, it’ll work. 

Second, using the hashtag #NatureGivesMe, share what nature gives you in return. For example, #NatureGivesMe bonding time with my dog, #NatureGivesMe spectacular views while out on the ferry, or #NatureGivesMe waves to surf on.

Invite your friends! Here’s some copy you can use with your post (adapt as you see fit):

Nature gives me XXX. What do you get from nature? Challenge goes out to [tag five friends who would be keen to show their appreciation for nature]. Think about how you connect with nature by sharing what nature gives you and challenge five of your friends to do the same! Tag #NatureGivesMe and @sustainablecoastlines.
Recent times have reminded us how important nature is to us, so celebrate it by doing your #NatureGivesMe post, and consider giving back to nature by donating to, volunteering for, or becoming a member of Sustainable Coastlines.