One Percent Collective to raise us an extra $10k | Sustainable Coastlines

One Percent Collective helps to raise money for us and 13 other Kiwi-based charities. They’re a tiny crew of two people but they’re making a big difference.

Since 2012 their regular givers have contributed $152,000 to Sustainable Coastlines. 100 percent of that money has been passed on to us. One Percent Collective handles all of the admin so the money just shows up in our account — no strings attached. That allows us to spend more time delivering our vision of beautiful beaches, healthy waters, and inspired people.

One Percent Collective encourages Kiwis to regularly give roughly 1% of their income to awesome causes like ours. For most Kiwis, that’s less than $1.50 per day, but over the last seven years it has added up to nearly 1.5 million dollars raised for charities like us!

One Percent Collective’s running costs are covered by 50 generous individuals and corporate sponsors but they don’t have big marketing budgets. Between now and March 2020, they’re running a campaign with a target of 200 new givers. That could mean up to $10,000 extra raised per year for Sustainable Coastlines which is enough to enable us to plant 1,000 native trees and maintain them for three years, or remove 30,000 litres of litter from Aotearoa’s coastlines.

Their campaign celebrates those who give and the good feelings that giving brings. We encourage you to join One Percent Collective.

If you already donate to us, please help One Percent Collective inspire generosity in more people by sharing this link via social media: