Tip Top Trumpet signs on to support Sustainable Coastlines | Sustainable Coastlines

Tip Top Trumpet signs on to support Sustainable Coastlines


In February 2024, we welcomed Tip Top at our highest tier of sponsorship: premier partner. For many of us, Tip Top Trumpets evoke the New Zealand summer. So it makes sense that Trumpet will be getting behind Kiwis’ efforts to clean up and protect the beaches that we love and enjoy.

At Sustainable Coastlines, we don’t take our partnerships lightly — we need to see a genuine commitment from those we’re working closely with. Trumpet has committed to sponsoring beach clean-up events, supporting our efforts to get even more Kiwis to the beach to clean up and learn about the problems facing our oceans.

Polystyrene takeaway

Trumpet is doing more than putting funds behind our cause. They’re also acknowledging the role of their own packaging as part of the problem. Trumpet has committed to move the ice creams to fully sustainable packaging by 2026, with cardboard and paper sourced from responsibly managed forests or recycled materials.

We’re big believers in meeting individuals and companies where they are on their sustainability journeys. Our role is to keep challenging them to be better and continue to find innovative solutions.

Trumpet has already eradicated 2.2 million single-use plastic lids annually from their Colossal products, and they know there is more work to be done. We look forward to working with them on their other sustainability goals — as well as eating some Trumpets from fully sustainable packaging in the near future.