Programmes | Sustainable Coastlines

Beach clean-ups have been central to Sustainable Coastlines since the beginning. But plastic pollution isn’t solved simply by collecting it where it ends up. Love Your Coast adds education into the equation, inspiring positive change in the everyday lives of individuals.

Keeping our coastlines free of litter is a key aspect of healthy waters, but it isn’t the only one. We created Love Your Water to enable practical action — tree planting — and education on pollution in our inland rivers and lakes. The goal is to ensure the health of our waterways before they eventually flow to the sea.

Litter Intelligence is our newest programme, launched in May 2018 thanks to support from the Ministry for the Environment. We cannot improve what we do not measure, and this programme collects litter data, provides powerful insights about the problem, and inspires widespread action for solutions. We train Citizen Scientists around Aotearoa to monitor their local stretch of coastline, providing rigorous data to improve decision-making to solve our litter problem.